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Akoga and Izegole from MY SELF manga by Heartless199 Akoga and Izegole from MY SELF manga by Heartless199
This painting is for the TURNING TABLES CONTEST.
These are the protagonist and antagonist of a manga I wrote around two years ago, and published a year ago on Manga Magazine and Manga Fox. Here's the link to the Manga Magazine page where you can have a look at it if you want... (
The girl is Akoga, an assassin that with her group is trying to kill the protagonist, Izegole ( the guy in the left). In the manga she's usually serious, but I wrote some chapters about her where she shows a more jovial side of her character (but sadly since I stopped publicing it, you can't find it online yet. But if you are interested in it I could send you the chapters to read if you want...) She uses guns and a gigantic sword from time to time and she's usually surrounded by bats that follow her commands.
The guy is Izegole, a prince that is constantly in journeys with his friends and hates his father. In the manga he usually never takes fights seriously and when he does, his eyes start to glow like in the illustration.
Please keep in mind that I wrote that manga two years ago, it's full of imperfections, both in my drawing style (since I drew it entirely on paper, I didn't have access to the pc back then, I was in a journey, looooooong story...) and in the story level, what can I say, I'm a newby in this too. So don't expext anything like the popular mangas or such, so, with this said, enjoy the illustration and the manga if you want. :)
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July 24, 2013
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